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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

...10 cool DIY with your favourite Coke!

Here's 10 things you can do with a can of coke ...and it works....

1. Remove grease from your soiled clothes with a can of coke and some detergent, through a regular wash cycle  

2. Make yummy barbecue sauce. Just mix the coke with your favourite Maggi ketchup

3. Prevent an asthma attack. If you feel the onset of an asthma attack, drink two cans of coke. The caffeine in coke usually does the job.

4. Relieve constipation. Drinking a can of the real thing can have a laxative result.

5. Prevent diarrhea. The acids in a can of coke helps reduce the amount of E.Coli bacteria in your intestines, inhibiting the production of toxins that would otherwise prevent your intestines from absorbing water.

6. Condition hair. To give your hair a great shine, pour a can of coke into your hair, working it in well, then rinse your hair with water.

7. Mousse hair. Mix equal parts coke and water in a trigger spray bottle and shake well. Spray a light coat of the diluted coke over your hair to give it the rebel boy look.

8. Soothe a jellyfish sting. Pouring the real thing over a jellyfish sting relieves the stinging pain. The acids in the coke seems to neutralize the venom.

9. Clean eyeglasses. The phosphoric acid cleans the grunge from eyeglasses, then rinse with water.

10. Soothe a sore throat. Gargle with coca-cola. The carbonation in the cola loosens phlegm. And lastly, if you still have an extra can, drink it and savor it.....

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